How to Use Maple 9.5 (example)?

Firstly, you must have the program in your computer/ notebook

Secondly, open it and this is the 1st look of this program

To use it, now look at the Expression box. You can use one of them and you also can combine it. Like this, if you want to find the answer of

You can click limit, divide, and subtract expression (in order).

You want to combine it again with cosinus expression. Put the cursor on “%b” and click the cosinus expression.

Now, write your function here. Like this :

To get the answer, you can press “Enter”. This is the result :

If you want to know the graphic of this function, follow this :

In “f(x)” box, write the function and click “Display”. So, you can see the graphic.

To show it at the 1st page, just click “Close”. Here it is……….

What do you think? Is it simple and easy to use. YOU MUST TRY THIS AT HOME.


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